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Cooperation steps

In order to be able to judge whether your blog actually fits in with our company and our products, we need a few bits of information when you contact us:

  • A short introduction of who you are
  • The name of your blog/ Your online details
  • Age and gender of your child/ children

Please enter all information in the contact form provided.
For us, it is particularly important that our products fit in with you and your audience. The information will help us to find a suitable product for you from one of our many brands. If you already have specific product suggestions or are already interested in the products of one of our brands, please let us know.

Needless to say, you can let your creativity run free with your post and design it completely according to your own ideas. For our part, we have a few comments which you should always consider regarding your post content:

  • Please link your social media posts to the respective brand channel of the product. If you want to create a blog post, please feel free to reference our website.
  • Since we cooperate with each other, you should indicate in your post that you are in fact advertising the product in question.

After publishing your post, we would be pleased if you would inform us that your post is online.
In case of successful cooperation, we will gladly come back to you in the future and look forward to working together again!

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