The eyes appear to follow you irrespective of your position

The frozen "glass-eyed look" is history! The Eyecatcher soft toys always watch you wherever you look at them from, because they have the so-called Mona Lisa effect. And now as a top new item: our eyecatcher animals with glittering eyes!

Bondi Dondi

Plush bracelets as a faithful friend!

The colorful plush bracelets in Japanese Kawaii style are always there for you! Whether on the wrist, ankle or in the hair through the Bondi Dondi's you always have a stylish accessory with you.

Discover a world of plush

The greatest for little hands: experience a world full of fantasy and play fascination. Our many years of experience in working with plush and our love of detail impress not only our little customers. Here you will find the right item for any occasion – whether it be as a gift, advertising item or little source of consolation.

Glow in the dark

Dive into glowing underwater adventures!

With their soft glowing effects, these cuddly toys become loyal companions in the night and provide security and safety. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this glowing underwater world!

Reducing plastic waste together!

Do something good for the environment! These cuddly toys are produced 100% from recycled PET bottles. From the plush material and filling to the numerous details and embroidered eyes - everything is made of recycled material. Depending on the actual size of the cuddly toy, between eight and ten PET bottles are needed to produce enough yarn to make the cuddly toy.

hand puppets

Always in motion: give the theatrello hand puppets a stage, lend them your hands and they will already be taking over the main role in the playrooms. These educationally useful playmates are also excellently suited for use in therapy and group role-playing!


The four friends Toggolino, Florina, Carlito and Monti from the Super RTL kids series "Toggolino" are now also available as licensed plush friends. They are ready for lots of great adventures and can't wait to go exploring.

Yoga Bär

Do all the yoga positions with me!

The Yoga Bear is something very special! He is super agile and can practice together with the children the many different yoga positions.

Stretch me as you like!

Collect and wear us all!

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