1:24 Bugatti Divo (2,4 GHz)

Product details

Item-no.: 582333
EAN-Code: 0090159823339
Number (of pieces) in the case: 6

Product description

"Bugatti Divo": Remote-controlled car, incl. pistol grip remote control and rear-wheel drive, 2,4 GHz, scale 1:24, from 5 years (582333)

French super sports car power par excellence! Bugatti has really raised the super-sports-car bar one more notch with the Divo. Those who find the Chiron, limited to just 500 examples worldwide, a bit too boring can stand out from the crowd with the Divo, whose production is limited to just 40 units. Maisto Tech now allows young and old Bugatti fans alike to bring the remote-controlled version of the five-million-euro Bugatti Divo into their living rooms. The dream car, with a top speed of approx. 5.8 km/h, can also be effortlessly controlled by young racing drivers and always looks amazingly spectacular.

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