"Bugatti Type 57SC Atalante" 1937: True-to-original, high-quality model car in 1:12 scale in limited edition, yellow

In order to do justice both technically and expressively to this legend of automotive architecture, we at Bauer have applied all our model-making skills and the highest level of precision. This highly-detailed, handmade model of the ultimate Bugatti 57 SC Atalante sports car is a real masterpiece of craftsmanship, consisting of 1104 individual pieces and limited to just 500 models worldwide. The many moving elements simply underline the true-to-detail character of this model: The radiator cap is hinged, the direction indicators move, the ventilation flaps as well as the boot and doors can be opened and closed, the spads and the wheels can be removed and the petrol cap can be unscrewed. A beautifully designed interior with sharp-contoured instruments ensures this Bugatti model is a real work of art.

1:12 Bugatti Atalante
1:12 Bugatti Atalante
1:12 Bugatti Atalante
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Item-no.: 7828-Z75Y
EAN-Code: 4003402078291
Number (of pieces) in the case: 1
Weight: 2,09 kg

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Original vehicle

In June 1937, the life-size original of our model – chassis number 57 542 – was delivered to a certain Mr Vidal, a good friend of Ettore Bugatti in Paris, one of just 17 cars ever made with an Atalante chassis.

Jean Bugatti, Ettore Bugatti's son, created the Type 57 S in 1936, managing to combine timeless elegance with modern high-performance sport. The S stands for "Surbaissé"; which is French for "lowered". The car was actually lowered by no longer positioning the rear axle underneath the chassis, but passing it directly through the frame. The 57 S also differed from the standard 57 model due to its dual-overhead camshafts, dry sump lubrication and magneto ignition. Just two 57 S rolled off the production line fitted with a compressor.
The 57 542 was one of these two cars. A total of 42 chassis were produced; and you could have purchased a comfortable villa at that time for the price of one of the chassis.

In order to do justice to this very sporty chassis, Jean Bugatti personally designed a very impressive, sporty yet elegant coupé, which is still considered to be one of the most beautiful Type 57 S bodies ever produced. It was named "Atalante".
A unique feature of the Bugatti Type 57 S was its V-shaped radiator grille which looked more aggressive than the flat one usually used by Bugatti. Many of the Atalante models had a two-tone paint scheme, which made them even more eye catching. Jean Bugatti's design is a masterpiece that has a rightful place in the annals of automotive design.
This model is based on the only surviving original Atalante with a 57 SC compressor and original bodywork by Jean Bugatti.