Heinrich Bauer Group

Heinrich Bauer founded his company in 1961 in Nuremberg, the Franconian toy metropolis and started off there with exclusive imports from renowned toy brands from different West European countries, the former GDR and Asia. He had, however, already laid the foundation stone in the years before this: as a salesman for a toy manufacturer in France and during many other stays abroad the founder discovered his passion for the industry, gathered inspiration and consolidated his contacts in the toy sector.

Marc Reinhoffer, Heinrich Bauer, Pia Bauer and Harry Enssner (l to r)

Just a year later, a branch was opened in Hong Kong – as a headquarters for contacts on the Asian market. So as to not just be able to trade but also to produce, a further milestone was placed in the company's history in 1988 and the company's own soft toy production plant and plush weaving mill were set up in the Middle Kingdom.

Then came the leap to Russia. After the opening of the office in Moscow in 1996, Bauer enlarged the site in 2004 with another production plant in order to produce his building blocks range there.

With the takeover of the long-established company J.G. Schrödel in 2003, the group moved into entirely new fields of business. The company had specialised in the production of toy pistols and rifles since 1846. Production was relocated, the range was optimised and quality standards were raised. In order to also round off the range that had thus been created with the appropriate toy ammunition, Bauer bought the company Sohni-Wicke in 2006, thus also taking over his first production plant in Germany, their factory in Hattingen.

In 2009, Bauer presented its "Bauer Exclusive Edition": legendary automobiles reproduced down to the smallest detail and painstakingly manufactured by hand. With up to 1,900 individual parts in scales of 1:12 and 1:18, the models are true works of art.
In 2012, this was followed by a partnership with the Italian traditionalist Edison Giocattoli. Edison takes over the distribution of the Bauer Spielwaren plush range in his own country, while Bauer looks after the Italian's products in return. In particular, shooting games and the Matic line are the ideal supplement to his own range.

The Bauer Group is an internationally active company that is also active in China, Austria, Russia and Italy as well as Germany and represents global brands such as INTEX and MAISTO. In addition to the founder Heinrich Bauer, Pia Bauer and Harry Enssner are now also responsible for management. Marc Reinhoffer looks after the finance aspects.

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