Ferrari Rock 'N Raceway F12berlinetta (light & sound)

Product details

Item-no.: 16-88802S
EAN-Code: 4893998888028
Number (of pieces) in the case: 2

Product description

Ferrari "Rock'N Raceway": Car racing track with great functions, with light and sound effects, incl. Ferrari F12Berlinetta with sound, from 12 months (16-88802S)

It’s full speed ahead for young racers aged 12 months and over - with the curvy and child-friendly “Ferrari Rock 'N Raceway” from BB Junior. The test track is equipped with numerous effects that stimulate all the senses of a young child. Music and engine sounds add to the fun, while numerous knobs and levers trigger various actions. For example, car-crazy kids can use the lane switcher to choose which of the two lanes the included Ferrari F12 Berlinetta should race on. Whenever necessary, the sports car can fill up at the filling station in the centre of the track. The finish line and thus the end of a race is clearly indicated by the pop-up black and white chequered flag. The set includes a battery-powered Ferrari.

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