Robo Fighter 15cm

Product details

Item-no.: 581471-1
EAN-Code: 0090159814677
Number (of pieces) in the case: 6

Product description

"Robo Fighter": Remote-controlled robot with transformation, incl. Stick remote control, red-blue, from 5 years (581471-1)

Let’s get ready to rumble! Enormous fun is ensured for young and old robot fans alike while playing with the supper fast and extra cool robots of the Stunt Series from Maisto Tech R/C. If the robot is awakened from its sleep, for example by hitting a wall, it transforms and is then ready to give the other robots a pounding. The Robo Fighter comes with many features that guarantee hours of fun and games: The remote control can be held securely and comfortably. It can be used to move the robot forwards and backwards and to the right and left at a top speed of approx. 3.6 km/h.

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