Cyclone Drift 25cm (2,4 GHz) USB (RTR)

Product details

Item-no.: 582293
EAN-Code: 0090159822936
Number (of pieces) in the case: 4

Product description

"Cyklone drift": Remote-controlled motorcycle in futuristic design, with drifting function, incl. Pistol grip control, from 5 years (582293)

Show your friends who the Drift King is! Fast and crazy driving fun is guaranteed with the futuristic “Cyklone Drift” from Maisto Tech R/C. Thanks to its design, the bike not only looks like something from another planet, it also enables spinning, drifting and daring manoeuvres. The super fast and extra cool bike boasts a range of 35 m and has rear wheel drive, extra wide tyres with 360° twist-and-turn function and light-up LED headlights. With a top speed of approx. 5.4 km/h, the out-of-this-world toy motorbike can also be effortlessly controlled by younger racers.

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